When delegating a task, keep a process journal

If keeping a log of our efforts and outcomes can highly enhance our personal productive experience, the same advice applies when we delegate. Kevin Daum makes a great point when he suggests keeping a “Process Journal”:

If you are ever going to fully trust someone else to do the job, you first must extract detailed information from your brain. Keep notes in a file on your computer or on a little pad every time you work on a Have To task. Just jot down a few inside tips about getting the job done right. A few minutes of writing each time you do the task will create a complete insider’s guide in no time. These little guides help potential delegates get tasks close to right the first time. Ultimately, these guidance manuals and a little tolerance on your part for slight imperfections will help your team grow more confident and efficient when taking on tasks from you. – Kevin Daum, Delegate With Confidence.


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