When delegating a task, keep a process journal

If keeping a log of our efforts and outcomes can highly enhance our personal productive experience, the same advice applies when we delegate. Kevin Daum makes a great point when he suggests keeping a “Process Journal”:

If you are ever going to fully trust someone else to do the job, you first must extract detailed information from your brain. Keep notes in a file on your computer or on a little pad every time you work on a Have To task. Just jot down a few inside tips about getting the job done right. A few minutes of writing each time you do the task will create a complete insider’s guide in no time. These little guides help potential delegates get tasks close to right the first time. Ultimately, these guidance manuals and a little tolerance on your part for slight imperfections will help your team grow more confident and efficient when taking on tasks from you. – Kevin Daum, Delegate With Confidence.


Cross-promote your YouTube videos

Jason Weaver points out that by posting the same video to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, you’ll expose different parts of your community to other opinions and potentially encourage others to join the conversation regularly.

When you post a video to Facebook that’s seen traction on YouTube, point it out in a post: “10,000 people in Acme’s YouTube community liked this video. What do you think? Tell us here and join the discussion on YouTube.” – 5 YouTube Marketing Tips for Better Engagement

Use keywords to promote your YouTube videos

James Wedmore, interviewed by Amy Porterfield, stresses the importance of keywords to promote your YouTube videos.

Whatever you’re doing with YouTube, it should always start with keyword first. Traffic, that’s what we want to think when we think YouTube. In order to do that, we need to start with a keyword. We need to figure out, we need to identify what our ideal customers are search for when they want to work with us.

Google Keyword Tool is the best place to start your keyword research.

“Constantly look at where I’m not doing so great”

One of the things I love in life is to constantly look at where I’m not doing so great, and where I’m not being generous, where I’m not being smart. And not do that to beat myself up, but really to get excited and invested in “How can I be more effective and efficient so I can be of more service and have more fun in my life?” So don’t beat yourself up! I spent many, many years like a crazy stress ball. But if you can find one place to start finding leverage and getting a little bit better, you’ll find you’ll be able to extend that. So start in one place and it’ll all work itself out. – Author, entrepreneur, and online marketer Marie Forleo interviewed by Amy Porterfield.

Parkinson’s Law to the rescue

Most of us entrepreneurs have a habit of working on stuff way longer than we need to. We spend days, weeks, and months slaving over our creations. Why? Because we forget to about our trusty little friend, Parkinson’s Law. Parkinson’s Law states that work expands to fill the time allotted. Translation: You give yourself a week to make a video intro for your website, you’ll likely take a week, or 12, to do it. — Marie Forleo, How To Double Your Results And Actually Work Less.

Step outside your niche and boost your creativity

Great advice by social media marketing expert Amy Porterfield about stepping outside your niche:

“It gets harder and harder to come up with valuable content. So I encourage you to step outside of the norm. So that might mean to get out of your office and go work in a place that you normally don’t spend time or go to a movie or turn on some trashy TV or maybe grab a coffee at a new spot. Whatever it is, you’ve got to get inspired outside of your niche once in a while.”
How to Create and Market Your Content on a Shoestring Budget.